Parable of the Monkey God
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Parable of the Monkey God
Why "consensus science" may be destroying the universities

Once upon a time, now, and a place, here, there were peoples of a great monkey god. They believed he was the protector of their eternal pleasures. The peoples of the great monkey god were the decay of a high and noble race, but they did not know this because they had lost their memory. When they encountered the legacies left them by unknown fathers, they could not understand. They could no longer hear the order of creation in music nor perceive beyond the obvious through art nor understand the complexities of nature by science. This did not disturb them because they had been taught to invent stories when they didn’t understand and to call things by new names which only they knew. They had been given hypnotic screens which made the stories seem real and invested the new names with magical powers. The peoples of the great monkey god were content upon their road to oblivion because they could no more anticipate the future than they could understand the past.