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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Atomic Nucleus as a Magnetic Current Circuit
Over a century ago, Pierre Curie proposed that a free magnetic current— that is magnetism which flowed through vacuum without any connection to matter—  could be generated by something he called a "magnetic monopole." Curie's theory could not be tested because the "magnetic monopole" could not be found in the 100 years, plus, since Curie first proposed the theory. Recently, however, the monopole has been found and Curie's theory is confirmed. The quantum model of the neutron shows that it is composed as a monopole of free magnetic charge and that it conducts magnetic currents down chains of neutrons-protons. These magnetic currents produce electrical fields, just as electrical currents are known to produce magnetic fields. The electrical field so produced by the nuclear magnetic current is the electron orbital capacitance field. Like magnetic fields which induce electrical currents, this electrical field can induce magnetic currents in the nucleus. This two-way interaction between electron capacitance fields and nuclear magnetic currents is the atomic energy exchange.  It is the physical explanation of the data which supports Project Prometheus. The lecture on this and its supporting text is currently found in the SRNRL 4-D Atomic Structure Lecture Hall.
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