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Sunday, January 20, 2013


The nuclear capacitor for Project Prometheus II will need to provide "giga electron voltage" to our proposed particle accelerator.   The design of a nuclear capacitor with this voltage potential required that the math governing the entanglement between the external capacitance field and the nuclear beta capacitance field had to be completed. While research data had provided the complete mathematical functions and constants for the  entangled fields, those functions and constants had not yet been completely organized into mathematical field formulas.

When those formulas were completed, we were presented with two surprises. First, the energy gain from beta-decay suppression during field entanglement was not being invested in our capacitor's current, as previously supposed. Rather, the energy or power gain was being invested in entangled field energy.  This field energy gain was not producing additional current flow, as it would in a normal capacitor, but was residing in the field as potential energy which was significantly reinforcing the strength  and extent of the field. Our original research had identified this previously unknown field strength without recognizing its origins. It required to completion of the field equations to provide that recognition. 

Second, the formulas showed that the nuclear beta capacitance field was absolutely in control of the charge component of field energy for the entangled field. The external capacitor could not influence entangled field charge and any attempt to do so was converted to field voltage. That is, the "charge" of the external capacitance field was always converted to voltage. Entanglement naturally increased the voltage of the external capacitor nearly twenty times. To this "twenty times" could be added many other multiples by manipulation of the external capacitor's charge. By controlling field voltage by manipulating the capacitor's charge, the needed "giga voltage" for the accelerator could be realized.

However, these two discoveries— that excess energy is invested in the entangled field— and— that the nuclear beta capacitance field controls entangled field charge and that the external capacitance field multiplies voltage— identifies the distinct possibility that such a field could be turned into a weapon. Even when the external capacitance field multiplies entangled field voltage tens of thousands of times to reach the needed "giga voltage" the actual wattage stored in the entangled field is very small. This is because the charge provided by naturally occurring beta decaying Thorium 234 is so small. The stored energy is less than a billionth of a watt. When Thorium 232 is bred to Thorium 233 by accelerator-produced neutrons and captured in the entangled field, this wattage will be increased significantly. If accelerator-bred Th-233 is increased to a single coulomb of charge in the entangled field the stored wattage will reach a factor of 10 to the 27th power watts. The field will extend further than anything now known. If this field is given the laser-like vector possible using asymmetrical capacitor technology (paper available to subscribers) then a focused field weapon is a distinct possibility.


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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The design of the accelerator for Project Prometheus is now completed (proprietorially protected). In order to realize the engineering model for the accelerator, it was necessary to complete two new sets of mathematical equations.

First, the actual operating principles which guided the asymmetrical capacitor needed to be explained. The quantum open-energy integral and the positions of nitrogen and oxygen in the quantum Periodic Table of Elements explained the thrust of the asymmetrical capacitor which had been demonstrated by Isaac Parrish one month ago. The application of those quantum mathematical principles explained why the larger capacitor plate charged and attracted particles of dust and smoke while ejecting air as a jet thrust. In summary, quantum math demonstrated that the asymmetrical capacitor’s thrusting and attraction characteristics are due to the fact that the charge of the smaller terminal is being multiplied by the device (equations proprietorially reserved).

Second,  because the Thorium 234 radioactive material is to be integrated into the smaller terminal, the effects of smaller-terminal charge multiplication upon Thorium 234 beta discharges had to be realized. This proved difficult because the open-energy mathematics for field-suppressed beta decay had yet to be completed; although our original research data (as well as the discovery of the quantum open-energy integral) had provided an empirical equality which made that completion possible. The completion of these open-energy mathematics produced a startling discovery. It had been originally assumed that the energy gain shown to exist for field multiplied beta discharges would be invested in the current of the external capacitor. The completion of the open-energy mathematics revealed that the energy gain would be invested in the field, not in the capacitor’s current. The energy of the current would be “a wash,” neither gaining nor losing energy. This means that the energy gained by the nuclear generator will have to be taken from the capacitance field which is a new electronics engineering challenge.

Field-suppressed beta decay controls the energy of the field by absolutely controlling the charge of the field. Field energy is equal to charge times voltage. Any attempt on the part of the external field generator to increase the charge of the field is resisted by the much stronger radioactive discharge. Attempted charge increases by the field generator must be converted to voltage increases. This relationship is mathematically certain (these equations will be made available only through a written request ). The voltage of an external field generator in which the radioactive material has been integrated into the negative terminal, that generator voltage will be  increased in the resultant field by an exact mathematical formula.

How does this discovery relate to the charge increases characteristic of the smaller terminal of the asymmetrical capacitor? The charge increase provided by the smaller terminal to which the radioactive material has been integrated must also be converted to field voltage. In this manner, the asymmetrical capacitor multiplies field voltage such that it approaches the field voltage required by a proton accelerator. That accelerator field voltage is known to be one giga electron volt per accelerated proton.

LDD  01/09/2013
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