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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Research notes Uranium test


On 11/24 Operations mixed to uniformity and electrically tested the first Uranium/Th-234 ordered and received as the field-multiplication radioactive source.  This initial materials was obtained from a non-scientific outlet and was deceptive in its claims as to the number of radioactive counts per minute. Radioactive field multiplication requires a certain number of gamma emissions per second and this initial source was less than half that required. A second Uranium/Th-234 source had to be ordered from a reputable scientific outlet (United Nuclear and Scientific). From this moment forward, only United Nuclear has lab approval as a supplier. 

RESULTS OF TESTS: The test sample was successfully mixed to uniformity. Conductivity of the sample is important because it must be integrated into the cathode pole of the field generator. The sample was compared to the remnant of the material used in the original proof of concept research. The results of this comparison was somewhat surprising. The original U/Th-234 source was a sand mixture. The new sample was crushed rock of completely different color and texture. Despite the fact that the ore samples were different milieux, they registered the same level of conductivity/electrical resistance. No conclusion can be taken from this discovery, as the sample is simply too small. However, it suggests the possibility that electrical conductivity is being controlled by the radiation source, not the physical milieux.



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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Initial Test of Th-234 voltage multiplier for Accelerator

The Uranium which produces the Thorium-234 beta emissions to be used to multiply field voltage has been received. It is scheduled to be processed for incorporation in cathode of the field generator on Saturday, Nov. 24.

This is the initial operation of Project Prometheus.  

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