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A Quantum-Dimensional Model of Positive Beta Decay is revealed by Medical Science's PET Scan (New Model Accurately Calculates Reported Gamma Emission Energy)

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN ARTICLE MISUNDERSTANDS ITS DATA DUE TO ERRONEOUS PARTICLE PHYSICS THEORY: Neutron decay rates decrease under the influence of a magnetic field proving the neutron's structure and its magnetic current function

A Quantum Math Treatment of Stellar Gravitational Influence within Hydrogen Atoms at Neutron-Star Densities (modeled on 1E1207.4-5209 study)

Six minute video of SRNRL data showing possibility of a nuclear generator using field-controlled radioactive beta decay

BOOK INTRODUCES QUANTUM-DIMENSIONAL NUCLEAR SCIENCE:                                                           "Four Dimensional Atomic Structure "   


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SEEING THE QUANTUM CURVATURE OF SPACE by the exaggerated moon/sun on the horizon--- AND--- Accurately calculating Newton's Gravitational Constant using quantum-dimensional mathematics

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The Black Hole as an Open Energy System

The Earth's Gravity Open-Energy System and Proof of the Open Field-Energy Integral

The 3c321 Black Hole Jet Intersects Next Galaxy

 Black Hole Jet and Quantum Space
Quantum geometry proposes that black holes are gravitational focal points of elliptical galaxies which have collapsed quantum space. Collapsed space cannot conduct light.  Neither can it absorb matter. Matter which is pulled into the black hole must be ejected as a jet as shown. Although jets emitted by black holes are well documented, the 3c321 jet photographed by NASA is interesting by the intersection with a neighboring galaxy. The resultant dispersion of the jet by gravity indicates that the jet matter is much heavier than the electrons proposed for it. This illustration gives solid evidence to the quantum geometric model of black holes

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BOOK: The Quantum Dimension

MASTERS THESIS: Quantum Determination of Elliptical Periphery and the Detection of Systemic Error in the Maclaurin Derivative Series

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1: Math Proof of the Quantum-Dimensional Electron and its Elimination of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (in pdf)

2: Control of Light-Radiation by Electromagnetic Fields and its Proof of the Quantum-Dimensional Electron Subshell Infill (pdf).

3: The Actual Explanation of the Mainz Quantum Computer Switch: A Light-Signal Capacitance Pulse Through a Single-Faceted Crystalline Medium (under Bose-Einstein Condensate influence)